Becky Eddy

* "I saw Dr. Lockett for the first time this week. I have had chronic pain for over 20 years. Not only was he very knowledgeable, kind and compassionate, he was a joy to speak with! He has one of the best 'bedside manners' that I have ever dealt with and believe me, I have had more than my share of doctors and specialists since I was five years old! Unfortunately, that is many more years than I care to admit to! Let's just say over 40 years and at least seven different states! I just wish I could give him more than five stars!"

Maureen jackson

* "I have been a patient of Dr Locketts for years He is listens and is very knowledgeable His bedside manner is great. The front office woman are very nice and professional always.I recommend him if you live with chronic pain. Dr Lockett and staff are the great. He has helped me so much ! Thanks to all that work in the office .."

Butch Howard

* "I saw Dr. Lockett for the first time on 7/13/2018, and I have to say I was glad to see how pleasant he was. He liked to talk, crack jokes, asked questions and listened. I have been dealing with chronic pain since 2004 from a laundry list of ailments in my back and neck. He listened to what I had to say, not like most doctors who see honest sufferers as drug seekers and junkies. "


* "Kind, compassionate, very knowledgeable, and funny! It's actually a pleasure to see him - can't say that about most doctors! It took me a while to get used to the fact that he actually spends time with me and listens to me because most doctors don't do that. I have scoliosis and other doctors I've been to don't know how to treat it (and don't care). It's obvious that they aren't very familiar with the condition, the pain it causes, and what it does to the body. They push injections and surgery."

Alex Harris

* "Dr. Lockette is a very kind, jovial, compassionate and understanding physician; he's one of the few doctors I've been to who genuinely cares about his patients. He takes the time to talk with you for more than 5 minutes. Great doctor all around..."

Charles Blum

* "Before I met dr locket I yhought of sucide becouse the pain was to bad.dr locket cares no dr has ever cared or took the time to ask how do i feal.dr locket thak you I can now live again."

Christina Ramires

* "I've been seeing Dr Lockett for several years and I have to say I absolutely love him and everyone in his office!! I was in a very, very serious car accident and I spent 9 months in the hospital in 1990. I suffered a serious head injury and I had to learn to walk again. As a result I have seen many, many pain doctors over the years and he is one of the best."

Bonnie Stubbins

* "I have been a patient.of Dr. LOCKETT for some time now. He is exceptional, caring, listening and providing quality care. His staff is to be complimented also as being very patient oriented and nice."

Tina Manes

* "I have been a patient of Dr.Locketts going on 10years,I have nothing but the utmost respect & trust in him & his staff!When I started going to him after a "failed lumbar infusion & car wreck I was not a huge fan of pain management (having been to 7-8 incompetent pain Dr.s)Dr. Lockett not only changed my opinion, that man changed my life!!! I had almost given up I was depressed, in horrific chronic pain & real close to truly suicidal."

Steven Appel

* "As FF/EMT-P & R.N. I know Dr. Lockett & his PA are in top 1% of practitioners as they are compassionate and have patiently explain answers to every question. To prove it, write your specific questions so you don't forget one and ask them. "

Logan Patterson

* "Extremely rude receptionist! Seemed as if she was unwilling to do her job. "

Ms.lisa Black

* "Very educated doctors they care about the patient. "


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